Michelle and I welcome you to the Connecticut Brady Homepage. Both Michelle (Bessenaire) and I come from large families. It is our hope that this will be a place to share family news and pictures. If you have something you would like to share, please send it to us. 
God Bless, John
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Brady cousin, Sister Kristin Battles
Brady cousins, the Comollis
Bessenaire cousin, Karen Sweet
Brady cousin, Leslie Jay Griffith Bosch
In loving memory of
Ira R. Nadler
Feb 4, 1951
June 17, 2008

cousin Joe Casale's firm
Mark Comolli
Yodel Bug Art, cousin Heather (Brady/Knoph) Reeves
Jan 7 Chris Comtois 
Johnathan Knopf
Jan. 9 Joshua Bessenaire
Jan. 18 Paul Brady 
Jan. 23 Andrew Nadler 
Jan 28 Matt Letourneau
Jan. 29 Matthew Brady
Jan 31 Gerard E. J. Bessenaire Jr.
Feb. 9 Ira Nadler 
Phyllis Bessenaire
Feb 15 Kalyn Knopf
Feb. 16 Paul Bessenaire
Feb 19 Erin (Knopf) Balsamo
Feb 20 Caitlyn Pacheco
Feb. 25 Meredith Bagley
March 1 Joe Brady 
March 13 Heather Knopf-Reeves
March 14 Chris Pacheco
March 16  Sebastian Allen Bessenaire-Arnold
March 25 Patrick Bessenaire 
March 28 Shannon Rae Bessenaire
March 31 McKenna Brady
April 3 Margaret Peg Pacheco 
April 4 Tara Theroux
Joshua Pacheco
April 7  Gregory Charlse Comolli
April 9 Lorelai Margaret Bessenaire 
April 14 Ferdinand Comolli
April 23 Monica Brady 
April 24 John Brady 
April 27 Elizabeth Cotjanle
April 29 John Patrick Brady
May 1 Quinn McKenna LeClerc 
May 2 Adrianna Bessenaire 
May 11 Liam Reeves
May12 Tristan Michael Bessenaire-Arnold 
May 26 Shannon Casale
May 29 Gavin Bessenaire
May 31 Anna Nadler 
June 1 Megan Nadler
June 3 Gavin McClure
June 6 Nicholas Brady
June 7 Madison Margaret Magza 
June 9 Mike Brady
June 10 Owen Robert Andrews 
June11 Jennifer Bessenaire 
June 13 Michelle Brady
June 15 Dan Latourneau
June 18 Tim and Todd Theroux 
June 24 Moe Brady Goulet
June 25 Doug Knopf
June 26 Jason Patrick Comolli
June 29 Deb Coolidge 
July 3 Jon Latourneau
July 4 Megan Pachico
July 5 Rosemary Theroux
July 6 Joey Pacheco
July 10 Sage Mary Balsamo
Mia Francesca Balsamo
July 11 Emma Lucille Bessenaire
July 16 Ryan Theodore Cojanle
July 18 Shane Goulet
July 24 Deb Bessenaire 
July 25 Sean Brady 
July 28 Marianne Bagley 
Aug. 9 Shirley Brady 
Aug. 11 Rachel Coolidge 
Aug 14 Caroline Shipman
Aug. 15 Elijah Thomas Brady 
Bonnie Knopf
Aug 16 Shannon Pacheco
Aug 17 Madelyn Elizabeth Brady
Aug 19 Steve Goulet
Aug. 22 Cathie Brady
Aug 28 Gail Clark 
Aug. 29 Paul Bessenaire Sr 
Aug 31 Heather Page Bessenaire
Sept. 3 Rebecca Coolidge
Sept 5 Robin Bessenaire 
Sept 11 Hope Fitzgerald
Sept 12 Cailin Brady 
Sept 14 Lydia Brady 
Sept 16 Gloria Bessenaire 
Sept 17 Wayne Bagley 
Sarah Nadler 
Sept 23 Elizabeth Brady  
Sept 24 Catherine Brady 
Oct 1 Mary Nadler 
Oct 2 Alison Catherine Brady 
Oct 6 Uncle Joe Brady 
Oct 10 Alana Robotti
Oct 11 Paul Theroux
Oct 12 Bridget Bessenaire 
Molly Elizabeth Cotjanle 
Oct 15 Stu Bessenaire
Oct 18 Wayne Coolidge 
Oct 19 Brittany Bessenaire 
Oct 31 Catherine Rose Brady 
Jake Fitzgerald 
Oct 25 Sarah Goulet
Nov 1 Virginia Mandeville
Nov 5 Joe Pacheco
Kennedy Brady McCooey
Nov 10 Lynn Hall 
Nov. 20 Christopher Brady 
Abigail Christine Brady 
Nov. 21 Giovanni Brady Balsomo 
Nov. 22 Thomas Brady 
Leslie Griffith 
Nov. 25 Ted Cotjanle 
Brady Reid Comolli
Nov. 27 Amanda Bessenaire
Dec 1 Michael Gerard Bessenaire
Dec 7 Lucas Reeves
Dec 3 Margaret Brady
Dec 10 Jacob Allen Huntsberger
Dec. 21 Peter Bessenaire 
Dec 23  Shawn Jacob Comolli
Dec. 24 Heather Noel McKee 
Dec. 25 Worth Bagley
Dear Family, 
It is that time again. Time to start planning for another Brady Family Reunion. We here on the West Coast would love see you all, and we were thinking of August 2011. We have been generously offered a location at the vineyard of Brian and Carol Lee Brady in Temecula. 
To get this planning started we thought we would check with you all to see if you are interested and if August 2011 works for you. We would appreciate hearing your thoughts.
I have sent this out to everyone I have an e-mail address for, but as my list is from the last West Coast reunion I'm sure it is incomplete and/or incorrect. Please forward this to anyone I have missed and let me know if you see any mistakes.
Thanks and hope to see you soon.
Love & Hugs, 
Lisa Brady Robotti
August 13, 2011