James Brady was the son of Thomas Brady and Mary Thereas McGale and the grandson of Charles Brady and Celia Burke Cox, and Michale McGale and Mary McKenna.  One of his great grandmothers was Sarah Fall (McFall).  James had several brothers and sisters:Charles, Annie, Mary(Mame), Thomas, Helena(Nell), and Francis.  James married Catherine(Katie) Barry and had 9 children:  Joseph, James, Marie, Paul, Matthew, John, Annetta, Catherine, and Martha.  James served for many years in the Rhode Island State Senate.  He was the senior Domocrat for many years and served as the president pro tem of the senate.  On occasions when both the governor and lieutenant governor  left the state at the same time, James served as Governor of Rhode Island.  The photo below shows him leaving the office on such a day.
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